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What is Breast Cancer?

In India, breast cancer is the most frequent cancer among women. Breast cancers accounted for 27.7% of all new malignancies reported in Indian women in 2018. It's a condition in which breast cells develop out of control. There are various types of breast cancer. The type of breast cancer is determined by which cells in the breast become cancerous. It can start in various areas of the breast. Lobules, ducts, and connective tissue are the three primary components of a breast. The glands that generate milk are known as lobules. The ducts are tubes that transport milk from the breast to the nipple. Everything is held together by connective tissue, which is made up of fibrous and fatty tissue. Maintaining good health throughout your life lowers your risk of having cancer and increases your chances of surviving it if it does strike. However, not everyone can beat cancer by abstaining from alcohol and making lifestyle modifications.

We are empaneled with the best minds who have a cumulative experience of over 30 years to provide our patients with comprehensive treatment options. With decades of experience and expertise in cutting-edge oncology, Medica’s Oncology Team brings together the brightest minds in surgical, medical & radiation oncology, along with a complete range of high-end ancillary experts.

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    Breast cancer  is primarily of four types depending on the cells which have been affected.


    Most cases of breast cancers are carcinomas. It is the type of cancer that starts in the lining of the organs and tissues.

    In-situ Breast Cancers

    This type of cancer, the affected cells don’t spread to the surrounding tissues or organs. This helps the oncologist to treat it more effectively.

    Invasive Breast Cancers

    Or Infiltrating Ductal Carcinomas are cancers that have spread from the breast ducts/glands into the breast tissue.

    Metastatic Breast Cancers

    In this type, the cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body or organ system.

    Recurrent Breast Cancers

    In this form of cancer, the cancer cells return after a period of time. This happens to patients who have been treated completely cancer-free.


    In most cases, early diagnosis of breast cancer is usually feeling a lump in one’s breast or breasts. But other signs and symptoms may cover:

    • Witnessing redness of breast (in non-lactating women)
    • Bloody discharge
    • Nipples turning inward
    • Skin irritation or ‘dimpling’
    • Scaliness of the nipple or skin around the breasts
    • Thickening of the nipple or skin around the breasts
    • A lump in the underarm area (mostly painless)
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    Breast cancer has ranked no. 1 in cancer among Indian females. We all understand that detecting any type of cancer in its early stages can definitely help the patient’s treatment. Knowing the risk factors that cause the cancer definitely helps one with the knowledge to prevent this medical condition.

    Breast cancer Age




    Breast cancer Breast Tissue

    Breast Tissue Density


    Personal History

    Breast cancer Family History

    Family History

    Modifiable Risk Factors

    Breast cancer Alcohol


    Breast cancer Inactivity


    Breast cancer Overweight



    A combination of physical examination and imaging (tests) are usually used to diagnose different types of breast cancer in Medica.

    Physical examination: You doctor will feel the lymph nodes (under armpits and above collarbones) for any unusual swelling or lump

    Mammogram: It is an X-ray of your breast. A screening mammogram is a routine test for people with no noticeable symptoms. You might also need a diagnostic mammogram if you have breast implants.

    Ultrasound: Your Doctor may ask for an ultrasound for further confirmation if mammogram shows any abnormality

    MRI of Breast: Sometimes, in the more complex cases, the treating doctor may ask for an MRI

    Biopsy: The Doctor will conduct a biopsy for confirmation of the diagnosis when cancer is suspected. In this sample cells are removed from the breast through a small incision and examined under the microscope for abnormalities

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    As per the stage of progression of one’s cancer, oncologists advise patients with different types or a combination of treatments. The types of treatment used in curing breast cancer are:

    Surgery: Doctors try to amputate the abnormal growth of the cancerous cells. Lumpectomy and mastectomy are the surgical procedures used in treating breast cancer.

    Radiation Therapy: In this type of cancer treatment, high-energy x-rays or other particles are used to destroy cancer cells found in one’s breast(s). Adjuvant radiation or Neoadjuvant radiation therapy are the two kinds used.

    Chemotherapy: In chemotherapy, drugs are to destroy the cancer cells. It keeps these cells from multiplying and inhibits further growth of the tumors.

    Hormone Therapy: Also called endocrine therapy, Hormone therapy is another form of treatment that is used for treating tumors that test positive for either estrogen or progesterone receptors. These types of tumors are affected by the hormone estrogen.

    Targeted Therapy: These treatments are very focused and work differently than chemotherapy. In this type of treatment, growth and spread of cancer cells is blocked using drugs that target the cancer cells genetic coding and suppresses these cells.


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