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Medicaoncology Tumour

Is every Tumor a Threat? Know from the Experts

The human body, which is made up of living cells and extracellular materials organized into tissues, organs, and systems, is one of the most complicated mysteries in the universe. A tumor is a mass of ...

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Children Blood Cancer

9 Facts on Childhood and Adolescent Blood Cancers

If your kid has recently been diagnosed with a blood cancer, the doctor in charge of their treatment has most likely already informed you of their diagnosis and attempted to explain how it will affect your child.

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Throat Cancer Facts

5 Unknown Facts about Throat Cancer

Medicine is truly a miracle of the modern man. Yet, there are several challenges that medicine faces on a day-to-day basis. Among them, a big challenge is different illnesses sharing similar symptoms. ...

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Liver Cancer 101: What are the Five Gospel Truths about the Disease

Almost all of us are aware of a certain organ that resides in our body. The organ that is the reason behind most of our body’s natural performance. It is our liver. It is the body's largest internal organ and it's...

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COVID-19 Vaccination Boosters: What Cancer Patients Need to Know

We all know what COVID-19 is and that it is going to be a part of our lives for a few more days. And as the number of cases of the people infected by the disease dip and rise across the nations, getting immunity ...

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